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Naxos Town to Koronos and Apollon

It is a long, but worth a trip from Naxos Town to Koronos village and Apollon via Kinidaros Village and returning to Naxos Town via the coastal road

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  • Naxos Town

    The starting point
  • 1.

    Kourounohori and Kinidaros

    Nice drive
    It is a nice drive passing through Kouronochori and Kinidaros villages.
  • 2.

    Stavros Keramotis

    Beautiful view to east and west
    Thers is a small whitewashed church, dedicated to the Holy Cross (Stavros). There is also enough space to stop at Stavros Keramotis to enjoy the view to both west and east coast of Naxos Island. Detour - You drive down to the picturesque Keramoti Village (2 Km from Stavros). The surrounding area includes the Routsouna waterfall, the old stone and marble bridge over the southern stream and the old outdoor laundries.
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    Koronos Village

    One of the most picturesque villages
    A must to see village. Its houses are built on two facing hill sides and retain the traditional architecture. Walking down to the central square (called the Platsa by the locals) is an experience.

    Anagennisis Restaurant (Modern Aegean Cuisine) at the entrance of the village, Tavern Dalas and Matina & Stavros Tavern at Platsa are excellent choices to enjoy a meal or dinner.
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    Koronida (or Komiaki)

    Beautiful drive to Apollon
    The route Koronos to Apollon via Koronida is longer than the route via Mesi village, but the drive is beautiful.
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    The picturesque sea side village
    Apollon is popular resort, especially for day trippers. There is a nice beach to swim and taverns by the sea. Close to the village is the huge Kouros statue (~10 metres long) lying in supine position and dates back to the 6th century BC.
  • Return

    Via the coastal road
  • 7.

    Agia Tower

    On the right side (between road and sea)
    An abandoned imposing tower (17th century AD) built on a strategic point facing the sea and used to control the northern part of the island. You can stop and take the path that leades to the area of the monastery with the plane trees and a spring with fresh water.
  • 8.

    Faneromeni Monastery

    Dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary
    Built according to venetian towers architecture, in a beautiful setting overlooking the northwest coast of Naxos. It celebrates the Assumption on 15 August.
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    Eggares & Galini Villages

    In the fertile Eggares Valley
    In Eggares village you can visit the Olive Press Museum that dates back to 1884 AD.
  • Naxos Town

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